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Completing the security of the Computer Operations Loop

GoAnywhere Director

Secure & Manage all types of

File transfers

Windows, iSeries, Linux, Unix,Servers etc.

GoAnywhere Director™

is a centralised MFT solution which

 automates data

retrieval, translation,

encryption, compression and distribution

from one easy- to- use interface

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Crypto Complete


Sensitive Fields

In Production

IBM iSeries

Crypto Complete


Sensitive Fields

In Production

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From data in production to file transfers and


From user access and auditing to back-up


For securing inbound and outbound internet



Backup Crypto

Encrypt Backups


IBM iSeries

Crypto Backup Encryption

Encrypt backups



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User Access Manager

Security & Auditing

IBM iSeries


Manage IBM iSeries

User Access,

Auditing & Journalling

For full compliancy


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GoAnywhere Services


Browser Transfers  

and Secure email transfers

IBM iSeries, Windows, Unix, Linux

GoAnywhere Services

Manage & Secure

Inbound and outbound

file Transfers

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DMZ Protection

Windows, Linux, Unix


DMZ & Network

Internet Protection

For transfers

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Netlib’ for Windows

Database, Column


Backup Encryption for


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Database Encryption


SAS – formed in 1999 with many years experience providing and developing AS400 and then iSeries solutions, SAS have since acquired and developed expertise that enhanced and supported IBM mid-range solutions firstly with open systems then adding other platforms (Windows™; Unix; Linux etc) to provide re-engineered applications. Over the past six years we have added and have focused on the management and security of data, both that residing on internal systems and data transmitted to business partners/customers via networks and the Internet.

The security of personal data by regulation; business critical information and more and more compliancy audit requirements (SOX; Basel II; Data Protection Act etc.) with other needs on the horizon means we need to keep ahead of industry direction.

SAS – are now proud to ‘close the management of security’ loop

Stop Press:

Royal mail announces major price increase !!


A first-class stamp will rise in price from 46p to 60p from 30 April after the regulator lifted some price controls on Royal Mail.

A second-class stamp will go up from 36p to 50p

The regulator has allowed Royal Mail to set the price of first-class and business mail, with potentially more rises to come

Talk to SAS about reducing your invoicing costs by 50%

SAS announces:

@im™ Automatic Invoice Management

@im™ has been designed to add electronic invoice management to modern web based business computing techniques and to seriously reduce the cost of a most important business process.

An automated process, @im™ assembles and transfers invoices daily either by email or FTP transfer by customer preference. @im™ provides the additional benefit of confirming receipt of the invoice by the customer and by delivering documents on a daily basis potentially reducing due days and promotes better cash forecasting.

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